Most Anticipated Scenes of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

So, it’s less than two weeks away from release of the highly anticipated The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in which Katniss must deal with the consequences of her decisions from the 74th Hunger Games. Having read the books years ago, just when they were released, I am incredibly excited to see this, particularly as Catching Fire is my favourite out of the entire trilogy. So, I thought I’d share my most anticipated scenes to see translated onto the big screen.

***WARNING. HERE BE SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the book and do not want to know what happens DO NOT read any further***

The Arena and the Force Field

For me, one of the most exciting moments of Catching Fire is when Katniss first enters the Arena, realising it is everything out of her comfort zone. In the first Hunger Games, Katniss was in her element, in the forest and able to fend for herself. The Arena in the 75th Hunger Games really represents everything Katniss is unfamiliar with, in terms of both the physical environment and the fact that she is constantly conflicted over making allies with other victors and whether to kill them. It’ll also be wonderful to see how the arena is aesthetically presented, particularly with the “clock” setting and the force field, which is ultimately the catapult for the events in Mockingjay          

The Arena

I feel the plate begin to rise. […] I squint down at my feet and see that my metal plate is surrounded by blue waves that lap up over my boots. Slowly I raise my eyes and take in the water spreading out in every direction.

I can only form one clear thought.

This is no place for a girl on fire. 

Finnick Odair

One of the most complex and loveable characters of the trilogy is introduced. Sugar cubes? It could only be Finnick Odair. Although easy on the eyes, Finnick goes through an absolutely brutal journey after winning the 64th Hunger Games. It will definitely be interesting to see his relationship with the other victors, including Katniss who develops a strong friendship with him, despite being wary of him initially. I can’t wait for Sam Claflin to embody Finnick’s mask of confidence and warrior as opposed to his psychological damage that he’s suffered throughout the course of his life.


Finnick Odair is something of a living legend in Panem. […] Tall, athletic, with golden skin and bronze hair and those incredible eyes

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress that Cinna creates is also highly anticipated. Whilst the many of the districts of Panem are on the verge of rebellion, the majority of the Capitol remains ignorant of the civil war brewing in the horizon. Cinna’s creation perfectly sets fuel to the war by fully embodying Katniss as the Mockingjay, the symbol of a revolution, which has disastrous consequences for him.

The mockingjay dress

I’m in a dress of the exact design of my wedding dress, only it’s the colour of coal and made of tiny feathers. Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that’s when I see myself on the television screen. Clothed in black except fir white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say my wings.

Because Cinna has turned me into a mockinjay

Gale’s Whipping

This will probably be one of the most intense scenes in the movie, in same way it was the most intense to read in the book. What’s so important about this scene is that Katniss realises that even her home, Disrtict 12 is no longer safe. It’s also the moment that Katniss chooses Gale and realises she does in fact love him when she feels the need to protect him.

Gale's Whipping

Gale’s wrists are bound to the wooden post […[ he slumps unconscious on his knees, held up only by the ropes at his wrists. What used to be his back is a raw,bloody slab of meat.

The Beginning of The Rebellion

Whilst Katniss experiences a few moments of the rebellion in Catching Fire and then the whole war exploding in the last book of the series, Mockingjay, it appears from the trailers, a lot more of the rebellion will be shown in the movie. It will be great to see Katniss fully understand the effect that her moment with the berries has had on the entire country and what cost this simple moment has brought up. I think it will be great to show the rebellion in this movie as much as Mockingjay as Katniss and the audience understand the extent of the consequences of her actions.


The square’s packed   with screaming people, their faces hidden with rags and home-made masks, throwing bricks. Buildings burn. Peacekeepers shoot into the crowd[…] This is what President Snow calls and uprising.

Katniss and Peeta On The Beach

In contrast to Katniss’ passionate relationship with Gale is her relationship with Peeta which develops on the beach in the arena of the 75th Hunger Games. Their conversation is reminiscent of the cave scenes in the first book. This is truly a touching moment as their relationship develops, with Katniss realises that she does actually have feeling for Peeta and is one of the few “real” moments during the Games.

Katniss and peeta beach

I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me

So there are my top moments I’m looking forward to.  There were SO many to choose from. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the other victors and a lot more of Peeta and Katniss. What are you most looking forward to about Catching Fire when it comes to theatres?


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