Book Haul & Personal Update

I thought I would do a little update of what’s going on with me and the books I’mBook haul #1 currently reading as I haven’t given too much of an insight into my personal life.

So, I’ve basically finished my second (and penultimate) year at university. Admittedly, it was incredibly difficult and I’m so thankful it’s over. I cannot believe that this time next year I’ll be graduating and entering the big bad world of reality, and will no longer have the protective bubble of education.

Ironically, during university, I always manage to find things to distract myself or use as an excuse for procrastination, but now that I am actually free for summer, I seriously don’t know what to do with myself.

One thing I do know is that I’m able to finally read something for pleasure and just take my time with it. Woo! I went a little crazy in Waterstones over the last couple of months which is a little out of character as I’m more of a library kid than a book buying one, but here are the books I’ve purchased recently and I cannot wait to get stuck into them!

B x


4 thoughts on “Book Haul & Personal Update

  1. What a really great selection of books! And I can completely relate to having no time to read for enjoyment…. 2nd year at university has left me with barely any time to read! I have a huge TBR pile that I’m just going to devour this summer!

    • Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Yep, ironically, I have so little time to read for my own pleasure even though I study English. I definitely need to cram in as many this summer as possible 🙂

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